The young doctor from Ukraine, with the delegation
The young doctor from Ukraine, with the delegationJewish Agency spokesperson

A Jewish Agency for Israel rescue flight for Ukraine immigrants landed in Tel Aviv Wednesday night, carrying the five-thousandth new immigrant since the start of the war.

Katia Kirplok, a 29-year-old doctor, escaped Kyiv with her son Stas, who is one year and eight months old. The two had been staying in a Jewish Agency immigration center in Budapest, and landed in Israel after boarding a Jewish Agency rescue flight which took off from Hungary.

Left behind in Ukraine are Katia's husband, mother, and brother.

Katia dreams of finding her place in the Israeli healthcare system, and learning the language and culture in Israel.

Describing her feelings after arriving in Israel, Katia said, "I am worried about the fate of my family in Ukraine, but I know that I am coming home, and so I feel safe and happy."

The immigration center where Katia and her son stayed is one of 18 immigration centers operated by the Jewish Agency and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews in countries which neighbor Ukraine. Those planning to immigrate to Israel stay at the centers until they board their flights to their new home.