Melek and Hasan Sert received the most pleasant shock of their lives when their newborn baby, who they had been told was stillborn, began to cry right before he was to be buried.

Doctors at Yuregir State Hospital in Turkey told the the couple that their child, who was born prematurely after the fifth month of pregnancy, had not survived the delivery. They even handed the distraught parents a body bag containing their child's body along with a death certificate bearing the child's name. A grave was already dug for the child.

The Serts, who have two other children, took the child they thought lost to the cemetery to bury him, only for him to begin crying before they reached the cemetery. They opened the bag and found their son crying and moving. They immediately rushed back to the hospital, where the baby is currently fighting for his life in the intensive care unit.

The parents even asked anyone who could donate blood of a certain type to help the baby, who needed a blood donation.

Melek began severe pain and bleeding and first went to hospital on December 27. After initial treatment, she was released from the hospital three days later. The next day she had to be taken to the hospital again, and she gave birth on January 2.

The doctors told her that she was having a miscarriage and that the baby was dead.

Melek told Sabah News: "When they took my baby, I felt that my baby was alive and I asked my husband, is my child alive? I told him to go and ask the nurse. They told Hasan, "He is not alive, he is dead."'

Turkish authorities have launched an investigation to determine if there was any negligence involved in the case.