Boise, Idaho police are asking for information after anti-Semitic graffiti was spray painted on the front of a historic downtown building.

Boise resident Mike Rogers, who had worked in the historic Idaho Building as a custom jeweler until this year, posted a photo of the graffiti, which includes a swastika and the tag “B666,” to Twitter.

“Spray painted outside of my old shop last night. I am outraged,” Rogers tweeted.

The number 666, also known as the “number of the beast,” is sometimes used as a symbol by the Aryan Brotherhood, the “oldest and most notorious racist prison gang in the United States,” according to the ADL.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a swastika [in Boise] before,” Rogers told the Idaho Statesman. “It’s disturbing.”

He added that he feels that the neo-Nazi graffiti is “indicative of a change in the political environment nationwide, [and] Idaho certainly has its share of racists.”

“Boise Police are aware of the graffiti,” Boise police spokesperson Haley Williams told the Statesman.

Williams added that so far no one has been charged.

The incident is one of several that have occurred in Boise over the last year, including the Idaho Anne Frank Memorial which was defaced with swastikas in December 2020. Flyers reading “we are everywhere” were also plastered throughout the memorial alongside swastika stickers.