Dadi Simchi
Dadi SimchiRefael Levi

Due to the extreme weather conditions this week, the Jewish National Fund has requested that the Israeli public refrain from lighting any kind of fire in parks, JNF forests, and open areas.

On Monday night, the Fire and Rescue Commissioner Dadi Simchi announced a ban on lighting fires and bonfires, including igniting a flame in open areas, in accordance with regulations. The order applies to all nature reserves, thicket, and forest, as well as any area which has flammable vegetation.

It also applies to all inhabited areas, and all areas within 500 meters of them.

The order is in effect until the end of November.

"Due to the unusual weather conditions, which raise the risk of harm to human life, and out of an understanding of the enormous responsibility and the dangers, I have ordered, on my authority, that the igniting of fires in open areas be banned," Simchi said.

"The climate crisis in Israel and around the world demands we pay systematic and public attention to the dangers inherent in igniting a fire, while adopting a responsible, safe, and level-headed culture for spending free time. I call on the public to show responsibility and listen to the lifesaving guidelines which we have set out," Simchi concluded.