A German court on Tuesday overturned a ban on neo-Nazi election posters containing the phrase “Hang the Greens,” the Daily Times reported.

The ruling was made by the administrative court in Chemnitz, located in the state of Saxony, following an appeal by a far right party after the posters were banned.

The court said that the inflammatory campaign posters of the far right and Neo-Nazi political party The Third Path (Der III. Weg) could be put up as long as they were at minimum 330 feet from campaign posters of the Greens.

The ruling allows for an appeal by both sides.

It was made after the Third Path challenged a decision made by Zwickau, the fourth largest city in Saxony, to ban the posters. They had been put up next to posters from the Greens.

In the court’s ruling, it said that it was questionable whether limits put in place on freedom of expression were legally defensible during the period before the federal elections on September 26.

The Saxony public prosecutor’s office has also opened an incitement of hatred investigation into the far right party, which German intelligence services have called a “meeting place for individuals in the neo-Nazi scene and on occasion, members of banned organizations."