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The Histadrut on Sunday declared a work dispute with the local authorities, over the standstill in negotiations with the Education Ministry and the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel regarding school during summer break.

The dispute centers on the employment of teachers' assistants during the program, which includes preschools and kindergartens as well and is expected to begin next month, employing 45,000 assistants.

In a letter sent by Histadrut Hamaof Chairman Gil Bar-Tal to government officials, he wrote that they were given "unilateral guidelines by the employers for the employment of assistants and systems employees during July, without consulting and negotiating with the Histadrut, and while unilaterally changing the conditions for employment, which have been in place for many years.

"Once more the burden of extending the school year falls on the shoulders of the assistants in schools and preschools, The work dispute is a direct result of a unilateral decision to force the assistants in preschools to work during summer vacation, and to extend the school year while they bear the entire burden and turn into lead teachers, daycare workers, and preschool managers, without appropriate compensation, while harming their vacation and their rights as employees. The Education Ministry and Federation of Local Authorities acted unilaterally and without holding negotiations.

"The Union will not allow harm to the assistants," the letter emphasized, adding that the Histadrut "demands that the work program be voluntary, and the way it is for preschool teachers."

"Unless an agreement is reached with us, we will not allow the assistants and other system workers to be employed during the month of July."