We are expected to believe that Hamas, famous for hiding behind women and children, would never use an Associated Press building in Gaza as cover for its terrorist operations.

If that doozy is not enough, here’s another one…

We are expected to believe that the AP would never share office space with Hamas…like that building the IDF toppled to thwart Hamas from further deadly mischief.

Shocked…SHOCKED…says the AP at the inference that it knew anything.

The Israelis have already provided proof that indeed the two, AP and Hamas, were neighbors. Nevertheless, AP’s bosses are indignant.

They want a war crimes probe, even though the Israelis made sure the building was first evacuated.

Perhaps they protest too much?

In war and peace, the media have seldom played fair, have always chosen sides, and never to Israel’s benefit.

The PR War automatically favors the terrorists…and here’s how, from chapter 21 in this book—

“To put things in perspective, Honest Reporting readers should recall the words of Fayad Abu Shamala, BBC’s correspondent in Gaza for the past 10 years, who spoke at a Hamas rally in Gaza, as follows – ‘Journalists and media organizations are waging the campaign shoulder to shoulder together with the Palestinian people.’”

The research was done by Daniel Seaman, Israel’s press officer at one time, who exposed the following as well –

“Terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti used to call reporters and inform them what was going to happen. Then they filmed only the Israeli response.”

Also…” Those producers advised Barghouti how to get the Palestinian response across better.”

Then…” Seaman discovered that Palestinians who work with the media attend a course in media manipulation at Birzeit University, and exercise control over information flow. The Palestinians let the foreign journalists understand: if you don’t work with our people, we will sever contact with you, you won’t have access to information, and you won’t get interviews.”

There is more of course in the book, (and from my own on-the-scene observations as war correspondent).

So spare us the righteous indignation, whether from the BBC, the AP, or any of the rest who “fight shoulder to shoulder together with the Palestinian people,” towards the annihilation of the Jewish people. We know your cause, and as it is today, so it was yesterday and through the ages. Nothing new under the sun.

Or maybe there is.

Who foresaw this day – when the United States Congress would become a forum for anti-Semitic agitation, harangues galore…specifically in the House.

More specifically by the Democrats.

Then explicitly Reps AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar…who, through hereditary grudge, miss no chance to falsify, fabricate, incite, deceive in order to slander the Jewish State.

Tune in, and you wouldn’t know this is America. This can’t have come here, you say. But it did.

Of Ilhan Omar –some might ask, how does such a tiny woman get such a deep male voice…as if it’s someone else really talking? Spooky, some might say.

Of those who voted for her and the others…what were they thinking?

Of the anti-Semitic riots throughout Europe, it’s what you get with Merkel and her open borders.

Of the AP. Yes. There should be a probe. Let’s find out how deep it goes between the AP and Hamas.

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