Israeli Navy submarine
Israeli Navy submarineFlash 90

In the Navy, sailors who received the COVID-19 vaccine were instructed to wear a green ribbon around their necks, to identify those who had not been vaccinated.

Thus, those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to enter navy facilities, including the dining room, Galei Tzahal reporter Tzachi Dabush said.

An IDF spokesman responded: "IDF procedures stipulate that soldiers who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus will be identified by a 'vaccination certificate' and not by external insignia. The procedures in this regard will be sharpened throughout the IDF."

Earlier in February, it was reported that in the IDF's 80th Division, a directive had been issued that every unvaccinated soldier was required to wear a bright the base so that everyone knows he is unvaccinated and stays away from him..

An IDF spokesperson later stated that the order had been rescinded. "The instructions written in the announcement are not valid after the issue has been examined and in coordination with the IDF policy on the subject. Clarification was made with all relevant soldiers and no sanctions will be taken against soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated. We emphasize that the clarification was implemented."