Scene of the incident
Scene of the incidentBorder Police

Border Police officers from Israel Police, together with IDF soldiers, arrested an armed man from Samaria, on suspicion that he threw stones and pushed an IDF soldier.

The 24-year-old is a resident of the town of Givat Ronen, and was armed with a pistol, which he had a license to carry.

The forces were brought to Givat Ronen following a report of rock-throwing, and used riot dispersal methods, arresting one of the protesters who had thrown stones and pushed an IDF soldier.

When the squad car arrived at the scene in order to take the suspect to the police station, several suspects threw stones at the car, causing it damage. The suspect, together with the findings, has been transferred for investigation by Israel Police.

Attorney Nati Rom of Honenu, who is providing the suspect with legal advice, said: "It is very sad and unclear why Border Police have decided to go on a publicity trip at the expense of the settlers. My client was arrested within the boundaries of a town, without having done anything at all."

"He was carrying a pistol that was licensed! And he was not interrogated for any crime connected to his personal pistol. Upon his arrival at the police station, he said that he was arrested for doing nothing wrong, and after a short interrogation he was released. His quick release speaks for itself.

"I call on the Samaria Brigade's commander to calm things down; I call on the regional commander and the Public Security Minister to investigate why the Border Police are busying themselves with false spokesperson statements instead of ongoing security [issues]. We will consider a lawsuit on this issue."