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An Israeli woman who contracted the British coronavirus variant went on to infect 146 other people, with 742 other people under investigation for possibly contracting the disease from her. This is the largest infection chain originating from a single person which has been observed in Israel so far.

Due to the slowdown in the number of people who are being vaccinated against the coronavirus in Israel as by Channel 13 News last night, the Health Ministry intends to expand the vaccination campaign as early as next week to people over 40, women undergoing fertility treatment and high school students in grades 11-12.

The number of vaccinated today was about 80,000, with about 50,000 of them being patients who came to receive the second dose of the vaccine. Only about 30,000 people came to receive the first dose.

One of the reasons given for why the Health Ministry wants to move the high school students to the head of the list is so that the youth can go to school and prepare for the matriculation season. Meanwhile, one of the trends identified by the Health Ministry is the avoidance of teaching staffs in reaching the vaccination centers - even though there have been threats to close down the education system if they are not given priority in receiving the vaccine.

The decline in demand for the vaccine has been attributed to it having already been given to those who wanted it in the groups which were eligible to receive it, with a disproportionate number of those who have yet to receive it among those groups being people who are more hesitant to take the vaccine.

The government hopes that the vaccination campaign will begin to have an affect on morbidity rates next week after Israelis began receiving the second dose of the vaccine this week.