Black Lives Matter protesters
Black Lives Matter protestersReuters

NCSY, an Orthodox youth group, has removed its name from a controversial letter signed by 600 Jewish groups (many of them different branches of the same organizations) in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, citing the movement’s politicization.

The removal of NCSY means that no mainstream Orthodox Jewish group remains among the letter’s 600 signatories.

“BLM’s platform includes values we do not share,” NCSY International Director Rabbi Micah Greenland told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “Moreover, the BLM movement has become a political issue, and NCSY does not involve itself in political matters.”

Initially, the New York chapter of NCSY, an international Orthodox youth group founded by the Orthodox Union, had its name on the letter, which was published last week as a full-page ad in the New York Times.

But this week, NCSY withdrew that signature and said in a statement that it was approved by a student participant in the group and not the organization’s national leadership. “NCSY continues to advocate, educate and work towards a society that is free of bigotry and racism,” the statement said.