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An intelligence company revealed Thursday the target of the attack attributed to Israel that occurred in Syria's milk district yesterday.

According to an intelligence report by Imagesat, the target is a missile plant south of a dairy town that also contained unique engineering equipment. As a result of the attack, the plant suffered significant damage and was apparently put out of use.

Syrian media reported two attacks last Tuesday morning, one in the southern Syrian city of Aleppo and the other in Deir al-Zor in the east. The two airstrikes have been attributed to Israel.

The Syrian Center for Human Rights has stated that 15 militants affiliated with Iran were killed in an airstrike in the Deir al-Zor area.

Last Thursday and Friday, Israeli Airforce Planes reportedly attacked Syrian and Hezbollah positions in the cities of Kunitra and Tel Al-Ahmer in the northern Syrian Golan Heights.

Early last week, air defense systems were activated in Syria, and according to reports in Israel, an Israeli attack was carried out near Damascus. The attack killed seven people, four pro-Iranian militia activists and three civilians.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett hinted at Israel's actions in Syria on Sunday, stating: “Keep your ears open to what you see and hear.”

“We aren’t just continuing our work preventing Iran from entrenching itself in Syria, we’ve moved decisively from preventative action to forcing [Iranian forces] out.”