Ronn Torossian
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People of Israel, fear not – while the world, including Israel, deals with corona virus, record level unemployment and what the “new normal” looks like, the radical, extremist New Israel Fund and their grantees continue to apply pressure on the Jewish State.

The goal of the New Israel Fund – an organization which continues to openly advocate a boycott of the Jewish State – is to create a “New” Israel, this, despite the fact that Israel is only a 72 year old country.

Take Hamoked, an organization which since 2008 has received upwards of $720,000 from The New Israel Fund, and claims to work “for the enforcement of standards and values of international human rights and humanitarian law,” and to date has focused on defending the families of terrorists. Just this month, Hamoked sent an urgent letter to demand the authorities "stop preventing Palestinian Arabs undergoing family unification procedures who live in Jerusalem.”

Do you get it? While all those who live in Israel were restricted for health reasons to not exceed 100 and then 500 meters from their home, Hamoked – in defiance of global distancing procedures – advocated for Palestinian Arabs to be able to move “freely and without delay.” And in Jerusalem, which has one of the highest ""rates of infection in the country.

Then, a group of New Israel Fund grantees led by Hamoked petitioned the High Court of Justice “… to demand that inmates classified as security inmates, and particularly those among them who are minors, be allowed to maintain family contact with their families at this time via the telephone.” In its April 1 response to the petition, the state announced its decision to allow “juvenile security prisoners and detainees who are not held in Damun prison [where a telephone-contact pilot test is being run] to have one telephone call with a first degree relative during the next two weeks…”.

Is that what American Jewish supporters of the New Israel Fund want from the State of Israel, for Palestinian Arabs (or anyone?) to move freely while corona is endangering the world?

Are we concerned with the rights of terrorists imprisoned as a top priority right now?

Then, there is the anti-Zionist NGO called Adalah, which from 2012-2018 received $658,911 from the New Israel Fund. In the last month, this organization has “ …challenged the legality of Shin Bet's cell phone surveillance of citizens and the expansion of the security agency's powers”, has sent an “urgent letter to Israeli defense minister demanding he formulate and immediately publish an action plan designed to confront the spread of coronavirus in the Gaza Strip”, and issued a statement “condemning Israel’s aerial herbicide spraying along the Gaza fence today amid the critical COVID-19 outbreak and calling on the international community to intervene.”

The New Israel Fund isn’t about helping Israel – it’s about, no matter what is happening, creating havoc in the system. Whether it is protests, court cases or press conferences, this organization always acts to harm Israel. The New Israel Fund is beyond the pale. Decent people must oppose all anti-Israel boycotts and disassociate themselves from the NIF.