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Senior Blue and White officials are warning the Supreme Court against intervening in the coalition agreement between the Likud and Blue and White, Kan reported Sunday morning.

The warning comes in light of the expected hearing tomorrow in the High Court on the question of the validity of the agreement between the two parties to form a unity government.

In their warning, senior officials in Blue and White said that a High Court decision to reject the proposed coalition agreement will lead Israel to a fourth election and, ultimately, to a victory by a wide margin for the right-wing bloc headed by Likud - and the court will be one of the first victims of such a victory.

In light of this concern, the senior officials are urging the High Court not to intervene in the coalition agreement.

Comment on the expected hearing in the High Court was also voiced by former Minister of Communications Ayoob Kara, who said: "If the High Court intervenes and makes a decision that prevents the establishment of a national unity government and leads to a fourth election with huge costs, maybe the High Court judges should pay out of pocket the billions of shekels to be wasted at the expense of public funds.”