Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud AbbasReuters

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas spoke Saturday at a meeting of the Arab League in Cairo.

"What was written in Oslo is that 92% of Palestine is ours, and we'll negotiate the rest, as well as the issue of refugees, and other [issues]," a Channel 13 journalist quoted Abbas as saying.

"It was also written that within five years we will reach a permanent agreement. [Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak] Rabin was murdered and it all ended. Those who opposed Oslo were [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu and [former Israeli Prime Minister] Ehud Barak.

"Netanyahu does not want peace, and does not believe in peace."

Regarding US President Donald Trump's "deal of the century," Abbas said: "I met four times with Trump. He praised my words in his meetings with him. In New York we met and I asked him what his opinion on the two-state solution was. He said: 'I agree.' I asked him what his opinion on the pre-1967 borders is. He said: 'I agree.' I felt like within half an hour we could solve the Palestinian issue."

"Trump told me: 'You're a man of peace. We'll be able to make peace.' But two months after that meeting, with no prior warning, he closed our office in Washington, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, ended the aid to us and the aid to UNRWA, and also announced that he is moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

"I was surprised by Trump's announcement of the peace deal. The Americans called and told me that Trump wanted to send me the deal so that I could read it. I refused. They tried to get me on the phone with him a few times. I refused.

"According to the plan, an undivided Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and Al Aqsa Mosque as well will be divided in terms of days and times for prayer. Regarding Al Aqsa, they wrote 'the Temple Mount.' Meaning one day, they (the Jews - ed.) will pray there, and one day we will.

"The 'triangle' is occupied territory. They want to give it to us. Why? Because Trump doesn't understand anything about this plan. He has three people at his side: [US Ambassador to Israel David] Friedman, and this kid [White House Adviser Jared] Kushner, and [former US Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason] Greenblatt. They gave him Netanyahu's opinions.

"I reject the plan outright. I will not go down in history as the one who sold Jerusalem."

Abbas added: "Most of the Russian immigrants are not Jews. They paid money so that people would say they're Jews. Even those from Ethiopia, only a small percentage of them are Jewish. And they (the Americans - ed.) want me to recognize a Jewish state."

Abbas also claimed that he told the Israelis "that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States including security ties."