Child decorates Christmas tree in school (illustrative)
Child decorates Christmas tree in school (illustrative)iStock

A teacher in the central Israeli city of Herzliya celebrated Christmas along with Hanukkah with his students.

According to the Yad L'achim organization, the booths focusing on Christmas were colorful and well thought-out, while those focusing on Hanukkah were sorry-looking and had been purposely neglected.

Several of the parents protested and turned to the Education Ministry, but were afraid to reveal their identities.

"Our son, who is in eighth grade, told us he doesn't understand why the school's staff is working to provide preferential treatment of Christian holidays at the expense of Jewish holidays," one of the parents said. "It seems that the school made a concerted effort to make the Christian holiday attractive, while neglecting and marginalizing Hanukkah."

Yad L'achim noted the hypocrisy of liberal organizations and some of Israel's media outlets, which investigate every Jewish activity in schools and constantly protest "religionizing" while pretending to remain neutral - but which ignore activities which are blatantly "religionizing" when the religion in question is Christianity and the activities trample the values of the eternal nation.