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Six people were injured, two seriously, in a traffic accident in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem Tuesday.

The intersection where the accident occurred was closed to traffic temporarily.

Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedic Issa Devayat said: "This is a very serious collision involving the front of one side of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle on the side that was hit was trapped unconscious in the driver's seat and suffered a severe injury to his head. We rescued him from the vehicle and transported him in an intensive care unit with medical treatment that included anesthesia and breathing assistance and evacuated him in critical condition to the hospital."

MDA paramedic Paddy Decidek said: "The 50-year-old woman who was sitting next to the seriously injured driver was semi-conscious and suffered from multiple systemic injuries. During medical treatment, we rescued her from the vehicle and quickly evacuated her in a critical and unstable condition to the hospital. The four other occupants involved in the accident were examined in the area and evacuated to the hospital with the condition of one being moderate and the others in light condition."