Naftali Bennett at the Israel Victory Project Conference
Naftali Bennett at the Israel Victory Project ConferenceCredit: Kobi Richter/TPS

Former Education Minister and Yamina leader Naftali Bennett participated in the Israel Victory Project Conference - "Israel 2019: Moving From Concessions to Victory" on Sunday and spoke about the security policy he's been promoting in recent years.

"I am not against carrots and sticks as policy but we already have experience with it and need to see the whole picture," Bennett said. "This perception preceded Oslo - let's give them something and then we'll see."

"Experience teaches us that the carrots are nice but don't prevent terror. On the contrary, we see a monster that is only growing and the day will come that it's no longer possible to control the monster. This is already irresponsible behavior."

"Empirically there's no connection between welfare and terrorism," added Bennett, a former political-security cabinet member. "Osama bin Laden was a millionaire. I would like it to be a correct thesis but it doesn't hold water in the end. My perception is not to focus on their motivation but to negate their abilities."

"If there's a neighborhood bully in front of me, I can try to refer him to a psychologist and treat his aggression that way or I can take his gun away from him. I'd rather take the gun away from him and then refer him to the psychologist," Bennett explained.