Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair, praised President Donald Trump during an interview on American television, lauding Trump as the “best friend” Israel has ever had in the White House, citing the president’s decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and the decision to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

“President Trump is the best friend that Israel and the Jewish people ever had in the White House,” Netanyahu told BlazeTV, a conservative-leaning cable TV station established by former Fox News host Glenn Beck, during an interview Monday night.

“He will be remembered in Jewish history forever for moving the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem and recognizing the Golan Heights. The Jewish people still remembers King Cyrus the Great from Persia who recognized Jerusalem 2,500 years ago. We have a long-term memory. The vast majority of Israelis adore America and President Trump. He is a real rock star in Israel.”

After the interviewer, Jon Miller, raised the issue of the efficacy of border walls, citing Israel's border fence with Egypt as an example, the Netanyahu said the coast-to-cast barrier had "completely stopped" illegal immigration from Egypt.

"We had a problem at the early 2000s and onward. We have a border with Egypt that is just an open desert. We started having a big flow of illegal immigrants crossing from Africa, because Egypt has a border with Sudan and from there, the rest of Africa. So they would just walk from Sudan to Egypt then right through the border of Israel then going all the way to Tel Aviv. So they could just walk from a Third World country into a First World country."

"Israel is only eight million people. So tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants eventually would have led to the destruction of Israel. So in 2011 we built a wall, coast to coast, on the border with Egypt. And since the wall was completed, illegal immigration has completely stopped."