Yariv Levin
Yariv LevinHadas Parush, Flash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened Likud ministers on Sunday to discuss the progress of coalition negotiations.

"We reached an agreement with all the factions on maintaining the status quo in all the issues of legislation in matters of religion and state," said Minister Yariv Levin, chairman of the negotiating team, during the meeting.

In his remarks, Levin referred to the talks held with the Shas, United Torah Judaism and United Right parties, following a meeting held with them last week.

However, it appears that the Draft Law crisis is still far from being solved at this time, and the parties continue to stick fast to their positions.

Earlier, Likud published a statement saying, "Prime Minister Netanyahu is formulating a solution that will enable the establishment of a right-wing government together with the Draft Law. In parallel, in case Liberman remains insistent on the collapse of the government, Likud has begun preparations for elections. At this stage, a decision on the dissolution of the Knesset has not been made.”