Jared Kushner
Jared KushnerYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Foreign Policy on Friday exposed an email written by White House adviser Jared Kushner explaining his ideas for an Israel-Palestinian Authority peace plan.

In the email, which was sent in January 2018 to senior White House officials, Kushner called the United Nations (UN) Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) "corrupt and inefficient," and emphasized that it "doesn't help peace."

"It’s very important to have an honest and sincere effort to disrupt UNRWA," the email read. "This perpetuates a status quo, is corrupt, inefficient and doesn’t help peace."

"We have made some big moves and everyone in the region is on their toes, which is where they need to be for real change. Our goal can't be to keep things stable and as they are, our goal had to be to make things significantly BETTER! Sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things in order to get there."

"UNRWA has been threatening us for six months that if they don't get a check they will close schools. Nothing has happened," he added.

"POTUS and Ambassador [Nikki] Haley said it would be a new day at the UN and we were taking names. We have big asks of them such as Human Rights reform and perhaps some UNWRA reform that we can get in exchange for our aid dollars if we ultimately give them."