Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the bill to expel the families of terrorists during the weekly Likud faction meeting on Monday.

"The expulsion of terrorists is an effective tool, and in my opinion, its benefit is greater than its damage." Netanyahu said. "The legal experts say that this is contrary to legal law as it is defined, and this will certainly be legally challenged later, but I have no doubt about the effectiveness of this tool."

On Monday, the Justice Ministry issued an unusual announcement in which they clarified and sharpened the position expressed yesterday by the legal advisor in the cabinet regarding the law for the expulsion of families of terrorists.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice published a statement stating that "the position of the Attorney General regarding the bill, as presented to the ministers, is that the authority now proposed for enactment severely infringes upon the liberty and property of family members who are intended for deportation, for the act of another family member, More dangerous than the terrorists themselves."

The Justice Ministry added that the proposal is expected to create difficulties on the international level.