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The Construction and Housing Ministry has approved the construction of 20,000 housing units in the city of Ma'aleh Adumim.

After a series of delays, the Ministry and the Ma'aleh Adumin Municipality approved the construction on Thursday.

Initially, 470 housing units will be constructed, with the remainder awaiting government approval.

Construction and Housing Minister Yoav Gallant said that the approval would “lead to significant development and growth in the population of Ma'aleh Adumim.”

“In addition to the new housing units, public and educational institutions will also be established, and will include synagogues, schools, parks, community centers and sports arenas. We must continue to establish [our] hold on the Jerusalem area, from Ma'aleh Adumin in the east to Givat Zeev in the west, from Atarot in the north to the area of Bethlehem and Rachel’s Tomb to Efrat and Gush Etzion,” he added, saying that those communities are of “historic, strategic and national importance” to the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

According to the master plan, the 20,000 units will be built in 15 compounds across Ma'aleh Adumim and will be marketed for sale by 2025.

The project is expected to cost NIS 2.8 billion ($756 million).