Arutz Sheva met internationally renowned Israeli illusionist and magician Uri Geller at the site of his planned museum in Jaffa.

The items that will be exhibited at the Uri Geller Museum all have to do with Geller himself, he explained.

“The museum is going to be very eclectic, very different, very strange, maybe even weird and bizarre, because I have collected gifts from very famous people and very artistic people, like Salvador Dali. There will be things from David Bowie, Michael Jackson, there will be my Cadillac which already stood at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for a year, there will be very strange things but it will be the story of my life,” continued Geller.

Throughout the years, as he gained fame around the world, Geller never hid the fact that he is Israeli and was proud of that fact, he said.

“I would say I was like a diplomat, a person who glorifies Israel even though I lived outside the country. I’m a peaceful person, I have lots of Arab friends, I pray for peace and I believe there will be long lasting peace very soon.”

Asked why he chose to return to Israel after so many years abroad, Geller replied, “Israel is a magnet. Israel is an energetic magnet, a spiritual magnet, a cosmic magnet. There is something that drew me back. There’s not only spiritual energy, there’s also something physical here. The people brought me back.”