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The World Economic Forum (WEF) published on Thursday its annual list of Technology Pioneers, which includes, according to WEF, 61 technology companies with potential to “transform society and industry” and to “shape the fourth industrial revolution.”

With eight Israeli companies making the list, Israel, despite her tiny size, takes the second place, following the USA in the number of technology companies represented.

Among the chosen companies is Water-Gen, an Israeli company making the air we breathe into drinkable water, efficiently and at a very low cost. Other Israeli companies included on the list are Utilis, Vavyar, MX Cyber, Innoviz Technologies, Aqua Security, Precognize, and Ravcatch.

Water-Gen is currently providing its lifesaving drinking water solution to the US, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Brazil, South Africa, MENA, Russia, and China. In the past year, Water-Gen's leadership presented its technology to world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, and others, working as well with several governments to immediately meet their drinking water needs.

Additionally, Water-Gen has the ability to provide critical care response in emergency situations when systems often fail. During the US hurricanes that paralyzed the States of Texas and Florida in 2017, Water-Gen worked with the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deliver clean drinking water to communities where much of the supply of potable water was contaminated.

In the aftermath of these disaster relief efforts, Water-Gen introduced its mobile water dispenser that can bring drinking water to any location. A cooperative research agreement was recently signed with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

“Water-Gen is honored to be chosen a Technology Pioneer,” said Executive Chairman Maxim Pasik. “Our patented water-from-air technology will save millions of lives and improve the quality of life of billions, prevent water access-based conflict, and eliminate unnecessary pollution from plastic waste.”

“With this award, we will accelerate our expansion and together with additional like-minded international partners change the world by ensuring every human being has its most fundamental lifeline of clean and safe drinking water.”