Moshe Kahlon at Mimouna celebratrion
Moshe Kahlon at Mimouna celebratrionselfie

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon participated in Mimouna celebrations with the Pinto family in Gedera Saturday night.

During the festive meal, Kahlon addressed the violent riots which took place at the Gaza border fence Friday.

"Thanks to the IDF soldiers who protect us, we can celebrate tonight," Kahlon said. "They are not far from here on the Gaza border and are dealing with a cynical evil, and cruel enemy.

"On such a happy evening, it is impossible to give enough thanks to the IDF soldiers who are standing not far from here on the Gaza border, guarding us and allowing us to celebrate while confronting a cynical, evil, and cruel enemy who is trying to entangle us in embarrassing international incidents and sends children to the fence.

"Let no one tell stories - these are Hamas activists who want to carry out terrorist attacks and not innocent civilians who want to help an old lady cross the street," he said.