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There has been a deterioration in the last few hours in the condition of Rabbi Mordechai Hager, the leader of the Viznitz Hasidic community of Monsey, New York.

He has been hospitalized in recent months at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, where his condition is listed as critical.

The Rebbe, known as the Elder of the Admorim because of his advanced age of 94, underwent a complicated medical procedure a few weeks ago to ease his health. However, there has recently been a serious deterioration in his medical condition.

The Viznitz Monsey Center is located in Monsey, New York. There are approximately 2,500 families belonging to the Viznitz community around the world, of which about 400 families live in Israel.

The leaders of the community asked the public pray for the full and speedy recovery of Rabbi Mordechai ben Margali.