Avi Gabai
Avi GabaiFlash 90

Zionist Union Chairman Avi Gabbay opened his faction meeting today referring to the Draft Law issue and the possibility of early elections.

"Gentlemen, Netanyahu and his Defense Minister: Nobody has expectations from these stars of the play any longer. The Liberman-Netanyahu alliance is an alliance of corruption at our expense," Gabbay said at the outset. "Political power, corruption, budgets, and everything from the smoke & spin industry."

Gabbay attacked the coalition leaders: "Coalition leadership in recent days has lacked values and has been bereft of leadership. Who would have believed they'd beg their lives from a Prime Minister who had police recommendations against him for bribes? Who'd have believed they'd perform every possible contortion for him to remain Prime Minister? After all, we all know you're dying for him to be replaced. So where's your courage? Your leadership? Your truth?"

Gabbay discussed early elections: "We favor early elections, and we'll do everything necessary for this to happen. We won't let Kahlon and Bennett use us to torpedo the elections and we won't let Netanyahu use us to determine an election date he's comfortable with.

"The new corruption law called the Draft Law is a slipshod piece of political subterfuge on the backs of the servants. It's unconstitutional, immoral, unethical, and un-Israeli. Everyone has to serve the State and whoever doesn't isn't entitled to the same rights. We'll oppose any situation where our children who serve the country have to compete in a lottery for an apartment together with those who don't serve the State. They'll continue to receive pocket money while others shoulder the burden," Gabbay added.

Gabbay concluded: "I want to tell the public, we're prepared and ready to win and restore hope to the people of Israel."

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