Smoking (illustrative)
Smoking (illustrative)Nati Shoshat/Flash90

The IDF is attempting to wipe out smoking among troops and has decided to implement recommendations put forward by the Medical Corps. The move comes as a response to recent studies showing that 4 out of 10 IDF soldiers start smoking by the time they finish their mandatory service.

According to the new plan, the IDF will ban selling cigarettes at 56 bases from where soldiers return home every night and is also considering extending the ban to bases where soldiers sleep for extended periods of time.

The IDF will also significantly limit the designated smoking areas on bases and will enforce a strict disciplinary policy for those caught smoking anywhere else. Soldiers smoking in non-designated areas can expect harsh consequences, such as restricting leave.

Part of the IDF's new anti-smoking guidelines approved by IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eiznekot forbids tobacco companies from sponsoring IDF units and will prohibit cigarette donations to soldiers through the army's donation program.

In addition, commanders will be forbidden from smoking near their subordinates. The IDF also intends to prohibit smoking in field vehicles which are used for training and operations and will extend the ban to army-issued personal cars.

In addition to the new slate of prohibitions, the IDF will beef up programs to prevent smoking. Every soldier, both in mandatory service and in the career army, will be assigned to an anti-smoking program and those who smoke will be assisted in attempts to overcome the habit and offered support groups.