It hasn't just been the floodwaters that have devastated Houston. Many looters have taken advantage of the post-hurricane chaos to make off with large amounts of merchandise from local stores and homes.

By this past Wednesday, over 63 people had been arrested in Houston for looting-related crimes, and the city clamped down a curfew in an effort to defeat the phenomenon. In addition, the Montgomery County District Attorney announced that anyone caught looting would face mandatory jail time.

"Leniency and probation will be off the table for these offenses committed during this time” the DA wrote on Facebook.

A video showing former SWAT officer Nash John scaring off looters in Houston with a shotgun has gone viral, having been viewed more then 3 million times. "Don’t go back in that store. I’m going to tell you one time. I’m not scared to shoot you,” John had said to the looters.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Mehls had some advice for potential looters: stay away from his county. “My caution to the looters out there, those that want to rob our people that are suffering: You may want to stay out of Fort Bend County, because there’s a possibility you could leave this county in a bag," he told Fox News.

"Residents of Fort Bend County, they support the 2nd Amendment. Many of them are armed."