For the second time in a month, a minor arrived at the Samaria military court with pipe bombs strapped onto his body.

The minor and an additional suspect were arrested by Israel's Border Police and the military police, in the Menashe Division.

The two suspects aroused the officers' concern when they were required to pass through a security check. The metal detectors went off, and a search of the suspects' bodies found that one of the suspects carried two pipe bombs on his person.

A Border Police sapper was called to neutralize the explosives.

Both the minor and adult suspects are residents of the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin.

They have been arrested and taken for further questioning.

Two weeks ago, a suspect with two pipe bombs was caught at the same security checkpoint, attempting to enter the area and harm security personnel.

"Once again, the officers' alertness brought about the arrest of those who wanted to harm the security forces," a Border Police spokesman said. "Together with the IDF and other security agencies, we are investing many resources into securing the court."