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Jerusalem Post political correspondent Gil Hoffman said in an Arutz Sheva interview that he does not understand the insistence on passing the Regulation Law before the meeting of Prime Minister Netanyahu with Donald Trump next week.

Hoffman says that Trump might be good for Judea and Samaria anyway and we might be ruining all that. "If we won the jackpot with this president, why should we waste it all before we know what we have won?" he asked.

Hoffman says it is difficult to know what exactly Trump's policies towards Israel will be. "If he were a regular Republican president, we would know more or less what will be. Hillary Clinton explained her position on the 'settlement' issue. Trump however has said that he does not see them as an obstacle to peace and that there will not be pressure on Israel but has also said that he wants to achieve a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

"On the one hand we have a president who says he will be the best for Israel but on the other hand he declares that he will make peace between us and the Palestinians, so everything is possible,"says Hoffman.

He added that Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who was appointed as Trump's envoy to the Middle East, will be considerably better for Israel than others who served in this role. "Kushner was here many times even during wars to show solidarity with Israel, so Israel is closer to his heart than the Palestinians, but at this stage I would tell the politicians to be a bit more patient."