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An upscale restaurant in central Tel Aviv has been accused of deceiving customers in a lawsuit charging the establishment of listing dishes as containing beef in the menu, but presenting unsuspecting diners with pork instead.

According to a class-action lawsuit filed by attorney Nataly Swery, the Zepra restaurant on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv regularly served pig meat in dishes advertised as beef.

Swery made the discovery after eating at Zepra in February 2013. Afterwards, a former employee of the restaurant informed her that she had in all likelihood been fed pork, even though the menu clearly specified the item contained beef.

Zepra, which does not bear kosher certification and advertises some dishes containing pork, nevertheless may be liable for defrauding customers.

Following a conversation with the ex-employee, Swery reached out to a private investigator to help her determine whether the claim by the former employee of the restaurant was valid.

A second meal purchased from Zepra was examined and, based on DNA evidence, verified as containing pork and not beef. A third meal was also purchased, this time of an entirely different dish which was also advertised as containing beef but no pork. As in the prior instance, DNA testing showed the meal did in fact contain pig meat.

The suit against Zepra demands a refund of the cost of every meal purchased by the claimants, as well as 5,000 shekels ($1,320) in damages for each individual listed in the suit.