Jerusalem City Hall
Jerusalem City HallFlash90

Jerusalem City Councilman Yaakov Halperin (United Torah Judaism) called Sunday for more members of the haredi community to join the city’s social services division, citing the need for more workers familiar with the ins and outs of the haredi world.

“This is the time,” said Halperin, who heads the municipality’s social services division, “to fill positions in the social services [division] with people who have the connection with and the deep understanding of the haredi community.”

Halperin, who has held the position for the past three years, says the city had resolved to hire more haredi social workers as part of a concerted effort to improve services for Jerusalem’s growing religious population.

“We must actualize [the decision] to integrate haredi social workers into the city’s social services division. The fact that they share the same lifestyle [as the haredi community they will serve] and understand the intricacies and nuances of the community will allow them to give a proper response [to the community’s needs].”

As such, Halperin called upon haredi residents of the capital with an academic degree related to social work and who have experience in providing social services to apply for a position in the city’s social welfare services office.