Site of Nice attack
Site of Nice attackReuters

The terrorist who carried out the recent attack in Nice has reportedly been identified as a 31-year-old local resident, originally from Tunisia.

At least 84 people were killed and more than 100 wounded when he drove into a Bastille Day parade and then opened fire with a handgun. More weapons, including grenades, were found in the truck after security forces killed the attacker.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is checking whether any Israelis were present during the attack.

"The truck simply cut people down and left bodies behind," said a witness. "The driver continued speeding while he ran over the bodies. It looked like an accident at first, but we understood very quickly that he was deliberately running over people."

President François Hollande has declared that the state of emergency, which was scheduled to end this month, will be extended for another three months. "Again we are witnessing extremist violence and it's clear that we must do all we can in order to fight it," he said. "France was struck on its national day, its symbol. Human rights were attacked by fanatics. I stand beside the nation now in mourning. I have instructed the local hospitals to prepare for a large number of victims.

"We saw similar attacks last year and we are now experiencing an additional attack," he added. "Under these circumstances we must act quickly and work together. Police forces will be called to Nice from across the country to help, and we guard our borders carefully."