A Project TEN volunteer runs a computer class for children in a fishing village in Ghana
A Project TEN volunteer runs a computer class for children in a fishing village in GhanaProject TEN Ghana Center Director Gonny Hyams

MK Avraham Nagosa (Likud) inaugurated, along with MK Kasania Svetlova of the Zionist Camp, a society that stresses mutual friendship between the Israeli Knesset and the parliament of Ghana on Tuesday. Nagosa will act as head of the society.

Present at the inauguration were members of Ghana's parliament, the ambassador of Ghana in Israel, and representatives of the Foreign Ministry and Israel-Africa Chamber of Commerce.

"Israel and Ghana have a lot in common, both in system of government and in religion and tradition," said Nagosa at the event. "The two nations desire a dialogue together, as well as parliamentary cooperation in a variety of fields, including in the struggle against terror, environmental issues, agriculture and legislation. I hope the Prime Minister will visit more in Africa and will get to the western part part of the continent and to Ghana," said Nagosa, referring to Netanyahu's recent visit to Uganda in commemoration of the legendary Israeli hostage rescue mission at the Entebbe airport.

MK Svetlova, emphasized that "Africa is not another 'awakening continent,' Africa has already woken up. The time has come to build connections among the nations."

The Head of the Friendship committee on the side of the Ghana parliament, Emmanuel Koazi Badzera, noted that the group had already started to function three years ago, and now that a parallel arm has been founded in Israel, further development of the connection between the nations is possible.