BDS activists (file)
BDS activists (file)Wikimedia Commons

Less than a year after he accepted a position at the American University of Beirut, it appears that Steven Salaita is out of work again.

Salaita, who specialized in Native American studies, lost his job at the University of Illinois last year following a series of virulently anti-Israel tweets.

Among other things, Salaita referred to supporters of the Jewish state as “awful human beings” and suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu might wear a “necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children.”

Salaita later sued the school, which eventually settled out of court for $875,000.

After the incident, Salaita found employment in Lebanon with a teaching position at the American University of Beirut.

On Wednesday, however, it appeared that even the Lebanese school found Salaita’s anti-Israeli screed beyond the pale. A petition by students in support of the professor seems to indicate that American University of Beirut has severed its relationship with Salaita.

The petition notes that a job search for a new Director of the Center for American Studies and Research – a position Salaita was expected to receive – was abruptly cancelled by the school president. The school cited “procedural irregularities” within the search committee.