Police coordinating center in HErzliya
Police coordinating center in HErzliyaYoni Kempinski

A joint effort between police and the Israel Security Agency (SA, also known as the Shin Bet or Shabak) has led to the capture and arrest of Ahmad Khatib.

Khatib, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, told his family that he intended to carry out a terror attack in Herzliya. He then drove through a police barricade near Jerusalem and drove towards central Israel.

His abandoned vehicle was found in Herzliya as security forces carried out an extensive search of the area.

Earlier today, Herzliya Mayor Moshe Fadlon defiantly declared, "We won't bow to terror. Terror will not silence the life of our city. We will carry on as usual.

"I myself visited numerous schools and kindergartens this morning and they are all full. We simply won't give in. We are prepared and we are working together with the police, and we are preparing ourselves as is appropriate with this situation."