Shai Alon visits 3-year-old Tahel Sofer
Shai Alon visits 3-year-old Tahel SoferHezki Ezra

For the residents of Judea and Samaria, rock and firebomb attacks are a regular occurrence and not a “terror wave”, Beit El council head Shai Alon said on Sunday.

Alon spoke as he visited three-year-old Tahel Sofer, who was injured on Friday afternoon in a firebomb attack on her family’s car.

"I visited today three-year-old Tahel, who received her life as a gift," said Alon. "We have to salute our residents, because here there is no terror wave since rocks and firebombs are commonplace.''

Alon stressed that the leadership in Jerusalem must make difficult decisions in the war against terrorism and restore Israel’s deterrence power.

The Sofer family resides in the community of Nitzan, and the firebomb attack on their car took place as they were headed towards Beit El, where they planned to spend Shabbat with family. Alon commended Sigal Sofer, mother of Tahel, who promised that she would return to Beit El despite Friday’s ordeal.

"We must salute them. Sigal is like a lioness who protects her children and, despite the terror she experienced in Gush Katif, she continues to come to Beit El and the family members believe they have a mission in the world," said Alon, referring to the fact that Sigal was attacked by terrorists in 2004 in Gush Katif. She was stabbed multiple times but survived.

"Today everyone knows that terrorism is everywhere," he continued. "I'm always optimistic. We have faith and that faith will prevail. We speak regularly with the government and security forces and give them the backing to do the job. I salute the residents of Beit El and the residents of Judea and Samaria. We will continue to raise our children here because we have no other country."