Temple Mount riots
Temple Mount riotsIsrael Police

Police have resorted to putting up barriers toward the entrance to the Temple Mount, Channel 2 reports Monday, to help combat the constant rain of rocks and firecrackers being lobbed at security forces at Judaism's holiest site. 

Early Monday, dozens of terrorists barricaded themselves on the Mount to attack police, ahead of expected riots in honor of the Sukkot holiday. 

For the first time, however, Israel Police attempted not only to outnumber the terrorists, but also to set up a mobile barricade. The barrier was built based on measurements of the [Al- Aqsa] mosque entrance, a contraption of metal doors held up by wood posts.

The barrier held for a short time, and video footage surfaced on Israeli television Monday night of rocks and fireworks ricocheting off the barrier as ominous 'booms' sound in the background. 

Overnight Sunday/Monday, the Jerusalem police held a dialogue with the Jordanian Waqf, which controls the Temple Mount with an iron fist, in attempt to allow them to dismantle the platforms the terrorists had built and disperse the rioters in peace. 

After attempts at dialogue failed, however, Israel Police were forced to storm the complex to neutralize the threat. 

Police forces ascended the Mount at about 6:45 am Monday, under the direct supervision of Jerusalem Police District commander Moshe Edri. 

Riots on the Temple Mount have become routine since Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and flare up around major Jewish and Muslim holidays. 

While the Mount is on Israeli land, the Jordanian Waqf has expressly forbidden Jewish prayer rights at the site, and Jewish visitors are often banned from visiting - and face harassment or worse when they do ascend the Mount.