MK Ayoub Kara
MK Ayoub KaraNati Shohat, Flash 90

MK Ayoub Kara (Likud) appeared slightly calmer on Sunday, after threatening last week not to vote for laws being pushed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's new government. 

Kara made the threats in response to a lack of communication from Netanyahu - a sign, Kara asserted, that the Prime Minister did not plan to appoint the veteran MK a minister. 

He maintained his interest in a ministerial position during an interview with Army Radio Sunday morning, but seemed less aggressive in his delivery. 

"I need to check why my appointment [as minister] is not being carried out, since I am one of the oldest supporters of the Prime Minister."

According to Kara, appointing a Druze minister is a matter of principle, particularly against the backdrop of a tense election period and accusations leveled at Netanyahu of racist rhetoric. 

"Because of the turmoil surrounding the Jewish State Law, we need to turn and embrace a very wide public whose has lost confidence in our way," Kara argued. 

Last Thursday, Kara threatened not only to not show up for the swearing-in of the new government in the Knesset on Wednesday, but also to abstain from voting for a new Likud-led measure to increase the size of the government. 

"If they tell me I'm not part of the cabinet, that is the point of no return," Kara thundered on the Knesset Channel, pounding the table for emphasis. 

Should he not participate in the vote, it would endanger the chances of the measure being approved, as the government only consists of a razor-thin 61 MKs.