Destruction of Yitzhak Gol's grave
Destruction of Yitzhak Gol's graveCourtesy of the family

Yohanan Gol, a resident of Beit Shemesh, revealed in a radio interview on Tuesday morning that he was assaulted by Arab assailants at Jerusalem's Mount of Olives cemetery two weeks ago, and how he was mistreated by police at the same site yesterday.

Gol told Israel Radio (Galei Yisrael) that on Monday he visited the grave of his uncle who was buried at the cemetery, which is said to be the oldest cemetery still in use in the world.

"My uncle Yitzhak Gol z''l passed away on Shabbat Hagadol," he began, referring to the Shabbat before Pesach (Passover). "Two weeks ago I went with the gravestone builders to the gravesite, and I was attacked there by three Arabs."

He noted, "I informed the police, the Border Patrol arrived, chased after them but didn't enter the adjacent (Arab) village."

Jumping ahead to his visit to the gravesite yesterday at the end of the traditional shloshim period of 30 days of intense mourning, upon which the tombstone is unveiled, Gol broke into tears as he related what he found at his uncle's grave.

"Yesterday was the shloshim of my uncle z''l, we went up to unveil the gravestone, but the tomb is destroyed and there is no gravestone or anything else," he said in anguish.

"The tombstone was thrown to the side of the grave, and we saw there were several other tombstones that were broken nearby that weren't (broken) when we were there two weeks ago," Gol said. "Security personnel who were with me identified that they were new breaks."

But the tragedy didn't stop there, as according to Gol the police simply didn't believe him when he reported the incident.

"I'm a resident of Beit Shemesh, so I submitted a complaint to the Beit Shemesh police yesterday night," he said. "The police officer who was there told me 'because you don't have proof it was Arabs, maybe it was Jews who did it.'"

"What insolence!," said Gol, responding to the suggestion that Jews would deface a Jewish grave at a site where he was assaulted by Arabs.

Unfortunately the incident is not new at the Mount of Olives cemetery, which has been the target of mass Arab vandalism for a long time - to the point that Jews are becoming afraid to bury their dead there.

Video evidence from last month during the Purim holiday revealed how Arab vandals wrought havoc in destroying numerous graves at the site.