PeruSerge Attal/Flash90

The young Israeli man killed during a hike in Peru has been identified as Max Sela, 24, from Shoham. 

Sela served in the Engineer Corps of the IDF, and was recently released from regular service. His trip to South America his two best friends was meant to celebrate the conclusion of his military service. 

The young Israeli was apparently gliding on an “omega” air glider at high speeds in the Machu Picchu region of Peru, when he either fell or the secure harness he was wearing came loose. The area is known for its popularity with hikers and adventurers. 

The Foreign Ministry reported Thursday that it will make every effort to bring Sela's body back to Israel before the beginning of next week, but the body is still being held by Peruvian authorities. His family was notified Wednesday night, the ministry added. 

An acquaintance of the family told Channel Two that the family was having a very difficult time digesting the news. "They are completely broken, they cry a lot," he added. 

Another acquaintance called Sela a "lovely man," who "always had a smile. He tried to find the good in everything." Yet another friend added that "he was such a careful and prudent guy, no one thought something like this could happen." 

Initial investigations into the incident suggest that it was an accident. Local reports also say that other travelers injured were also Israelis, but their medical situations are unclear at this stage. 

Rabbi Ofer Krifor, the Chabad emissary to Cusco, Peru, Channel Ten reported, said that Sela's friends will travel to police to Friday to provide evidence, before returning to the Chabad House in Cusco. 

They plan to return home to Israel as soon as possible, he added, noting the "mature" way they have handled local media reports in Peru saying they abandoned their friend causing his death. 

In an incredibly tragic day Wednesday, Sela was the third Israeli to have been found or named as dead abroad. 

A 22-year-old Israeli man was found dead, having suffered a severe beating, outside of a church in Berlin, and a 12-year-old perished in a ferry fire in Thailand. Her body was recovered Thursday morning and will be brought back to Israel for burial.