Arab children with toy guns (file)
Arab children with toy guns (file)Flash 90

How does the Palestinian Authority (PA) education system look? A broadcast aired on official PA TV this Sunday and Wednesday gave an in-depth look at how children are being exposed to arts, theater - along with boycotting Israel and "killing Jews."

In a broadcast from a school in Hevron holding a theater contest that was meant to use "culture" to teach children to boycott Israeli products, a boy interviewed said "I came to rehearse the play in order to boycott Israeli products and fight the Jews, kill them, and defeat them," as translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

The PA TV reporter, in introducing the theater contest, said "instilling the culture of boycotting occupation products in the hearts of children and adolescents was the goal that led the (PA) Ministry of Education to place this issue at the center of all school activities throughout the homeland."

Just last Thursday the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) declared an "economic war" against Israel, by which it plans to "end economic cooperation" and step up a boycott of Israeli goods that has been active in recent months.

The move comes after Israel in January froze the transfer of $127 million in taxes on imported goods collected monthly for the PA, as a penalty for the PA applying to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to sue Israel for "war crimes" in a unilateral move breaching the 1993 Oslo Accords.

PMW has documented how the PA's education system is an incubator of anti-Semitic hatred and incitement to murder Jews.

Giving one example, it notes that last year the PA Ministry of Education named a sporting event after Ahmad Jabarah Abu Sukkar, a terrorist who put a bomb in a refrigerator in the heart of Jerusalem, murdering 15 people and wounding 60 others.