Rock throwers (illustration)
Rock throwers (illustration)Flash 90

MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) has fired off an urgent letter to the French ambassador to Israel, Patrick Maisonnave, regarding recent reports that a performance-art show associated with ultra-leftist NGO B'tselem is about to tour France.

Shaked wrote that the show by Arkadi Zaides is a controversial dance act that is based on photos and video taken by B'tselem activists. It caused deep pain and anger in Israel, where it was removed from an exhibition hall after complaints by bereaved parents.

"The exhibits portrays IDF soldiers in a false, twisted and hurtful manner,” accused Shaked. She asked him to “show leadership” and make sure that the exhibit is cancelled in France.

She added: "As the representative of the French Republic, I ask you not to allow the exhibits – which show terrorists as victims and IDF fighters defending Israeli citizens with their bodies as criminals – to take place.”

The show was scheduled to be exhibited in Petah Tikva, next to the Beit Yad Labanim, which belongs to an organization of bereaved families whose sons fell in IDF service. The families demanded its cancellation and the mayor closed down the show.