Candidates in the Jewish Home party, led by Chairman Naftali Bennett, have almost unanimously expressed the stance that gay couples not be allowed to marry. 

In a video, entitled "What do Jewish Home candidates think of same-sex marriage?" that went viral Wednesday, primary candidates, including incumbents, offered their opinions on the issue. 

The responses were significantly and unequivocally against, with several candidates saying nothing more than "There is no such thing." 

Some candidates that went deeper into the issue included MK Nissan Slomiansky, the Chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee. 

"There must be children in the world, so I think the traditional family - husband, wife and children - that is true and correct. This is what builds the world, not destroys it, and there's beauty and great power in [the traditional family]," he said. 

Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, also took a firm position against same-sex marriage, saying he does not recognize such unions. 

"The state does not need to recognize such marriages, but if two gay people want to live together, that is their full right," Ben-Dahan added. 

Controversial candidate, lawyer Batya Kahana-Dror, went with a more liberal approach saying she has previously supported civil unions.  

Dani Dayan, former secretary general of the Yesha Council, and a leading candidate in the primaries, took a similar route, without directly advocating for or against. Although he did add he is not likely to support same-sex marriage. 

According to Dayan, the state should not intervene in personal relationships. "If my daughter would want to marry an Arab, G-d forbid, it would be a disaster for me, but I do not think the state should get involved or try to prevent it." 

On the other hand, Ronen Shoval, the founder of Im Tirzu and another leading candidate, made clear that a relationship between a same-sex couple should not be allowed (by the state) to be defined as marriage. 

"Marriage is between a man and a women - that is its definition. We can create other arrangements that provide all types of rights, but let's not call it marriage. Let's keep the sanctity of the marriage," he said. 

MK Moti Yogev argued that same-sex marriage does not jive with the "divine morality which has determined the continuation of life should be formed by male and female." 

The video has already caused controversy among the Left as well as among pro gay-rights and gay-marriage supporters, with Meretz Chairwoman Zehava Gal-On and Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Director of the Reform Movement in Israel, issuing sharp rebukes.  

Jewish Home responded by saying: "Jewish Home has 42 candidate for the Knesset - and the public will choose the candidate according to his views. In contrast to other parties looking for headlines, we have already proven that we are working for the rights of all communities - in deeds, not just in words."