Yeshiva University solidarity rally
Yeshiva University solidarity rallyYeshiva University

In response to the tragic terror attacks that have occurred in Israel in recent weeks, the student leadership of Yeshiva University organized a rally in solidarity with Israel in New York City’s Times Square on Sunday, November 23.

The rally, which was open to all denominations and faith groups, created a peaceful space for communal prayer, song and unity in support of Israel.

“Recognizing that terrorism in Israel affects all of us as Jews and Americans, Yeshiva University students came together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander, vice president for university and community life at YU.

“The rally impressed on the people around us that enough is enough—that there should be no more bereaved parents, no more widowed spouses, no more orphaned children,” said Shai Berman, president of the Yeshiva College Student Association.

“We stressed that terror is a problem that plagues the entire free world and that we all need to support Israel in her efforts to protect her citizens and end this senseless violence. At the same time, we also attempted to communicate our hope for a brighter future for the State of Israel.”