Rock attack (file)
Rock attack (file)Flash 90

Arabs threw rocks in three different locations in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening, as the unrest in the city and its vicinity continues.

In Wadi Joz, rocks was thrown at a bus. The vehicle’s windshield was damaged, but there were no injuries.

In Beit Hanina Arabs threw rocks at an Israeli vehicle, which sustained damage, but no one was injured. In Shu'afat, rocks were thrown towards Border Police officers who dispersed the rock throwers.

Arab extremists have rioting and carrying out violent attacks in Jerusalem on a daily basis for months, in what many local residents refer to as a "silent intifada". Rioters have targeted police, as well as Jewish residents of the capital. 

On Monday night, Arabs threw firebombs towards a home in the Shiloach (known as Silwan by local Arabs) neighborhood, just one day after ten Jewish families moved in. Miraculously, there were no injuries.

Earlier Monday evening, Arabs from the village of Dura al-Kara in Binyamin infiltrated into the Jewish town of Beit El, and threw two firebombs at a home. There were no injuries.

The “silent intifada” has led the police to declare the formation of a new task force to combat ongoing violence in Jerusalem.

"We are moving ahead with a comprehensive program incorporating the latest technology, intelligence gathering and the establishment of a new police unit for dealing with incidents," Commissioner Yohanan Danino told officers on Tuesday.

"Jerusalem residents are entitled to a high level of personal security...and the issue is at the top of Israel Police's priorities," he said in remarks carried on the force's official Twitter feed.