Hundreds of Italian Jews gathered in Milan on Thursday, to support Israel's self-defense operation in Gaza.

The protest - spearheaded by youth groups, Amici di Israele (Friends of Israel) and the President of the Jewish Community of Milan, Walker Meghnagi - also included a landmark speech from President of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni. 

"We want to encourage that Israel is for peace, that Jews worldwide should not be scared to speak up against anti-Semitism," Rebecca, one of the protesters stated to Arutz Sheva

The protest did not proceed without opposition, however.

"During the rally there were about twelve pro-Palestinians, holding their flags and yelling 'murderers,'" she said. "We want them to know: fighting Hamas means fighting terrorism, oppression, and corruption."

"Defending Hamas, scaring Jews and assaulting Jewish stores or synagogues does not mean that you are pro-Palestinian, it means that you are pro-violence," she continued, addressing an outbreak of anti-Semitic violence by anti-Israel activists in Europe. "Stop defending an organization which exploits their own people and start talking for peace."