Arrest (illustration)
Arrest (illustration)Thinkstock

Nawal Massad, the British woman who made headlines in January after attempting to smuggle 20,000 euros ($27,364) to Syrian rebel sources in her underwear has denied funding terrorism Tuesday, the Daily Mail reports - and insists that authorities have targeted her for being Muslim. 

"On 16th January 2014 I was arrested at Heathrow airport and accused of transporting money to Syria for the purposes of terrorism," Massad, 26, stated. "I was not traveling to Syria, I was traveling to Turkey, Istanbul which is very far from the Syrian border."

Massad claims she "hates terrorism" and blamed the arrest on the classic trump card, racism. 

"‘I can’t help but wonder if I had been called Natalie from Surrey whether the authorities would have pressed terrorism charges against me," she fired. 

Massad was arrested in January at London's Heathrow Airport, alongside 27-year-old Amal Elwahabi. She is a university student in Holloway, North London, and she and her accomplice are both the children of Moroccan immigrants.